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Who can join?

Anyone can join the fund:
ˆ Group (10 or more members)
ˆ Individual (Direct paying members)
ˆ Swaziland Building Society Sipatji Account holders
ˆ Government employees
ˆ Students
ˆ Aged Parents of active members.


You may not be a member or dependant of more than one medical scheme at a time. You may not join the fund if your age is above 60, unless in case of a parent of an active member.

You must let the fund know on a special form if:
ˆ you change your address
ˆ you get married or divorced
ˆ you have a child or adopt one
ˆ the child is not dependant on you any more
(for example, if your child stops studying and starts working)

How do I join?

Complete the membership application form and send it to Swazimed. On the membership form you must register your dependants and attach marriage, birth certificates, member’s ID and proof of banking details. You will receive a confirmation of membership from Swazimed. The following information is printed on the membership card;
ˆ your membership number
ˆ principal members details
ˆ the names and surnames of your registered
ˆ the date from which you are entitled to
receive benefits
ˆ the address of the fund
Please look after your medical aid card. Do not lend it to anyone other than your registered dependants. Fraudulent use of membership cards may lead to suspension, termination of your membership and / or recovery of defrauded amount. Report all lost cards immediately.

Do I have to wait before I can claim benefits?

Yes, you can only claim from the second month after you have joined the fund. For individuals and companies with less than ten members, the waiting period is three months.
Aged parents for group employees (plus 20 members) will have 6 months general waiting period, whilst direct paying members and groups with less than 20 members will have 12 months waiting period.
Aged parents who join the scheme with existing specific conditions will have 24 months waiting period.
The financial year for benefits begins on 1 January each year.

What happens if I join during the year?

Your benefits will be pro-rated. For example, should you join the fund in July you will only be entitled to 50% of the allocated benefit value.

M0Single member
M1Member with one dependant
M2Member with two dependants
M3Member with three dependants
M4Member with four dependants
M5+Member with five dependants or more

Who can I register as dependants?

Your spouse or any other immediate family members for whom the member is liable for family care and support. Your children as long as they are under 21, not married and not earning more than E100 per month.

Special conditions

You can apply for your children to stay on the fund when they are over 21 in special situations:
ˆ Children who are studying can stay on the fund until they are 27. You must show proof that they are studying full-time.
ˆ Children who are disabled or mentally handicapped can also stay on the fund. The Board of Trustees will decide on all special applications. (A doctors confirmation will be required).
ˆ Other special dependants will have six months waiting period at a monthly premium of E826 for all options.

What about pensioners and surviving spouses?

Retired members and spouses of deceased members are entitled to the same benefits as other members and pay the first income category contributions. Retirement age 60 is considered unless retired due to ill-health.

What happens to claims of members who have terminated their membership?

ˆ The scheme will pay claims up to the termination date.
ˆ Member will be liable for all claims paid after the termination period.
ˆ Employer should notify the scheme prior to the termination date.

NB: Termination only applies to a member who has terminated his/her services with the employer.

When does my membership stop?

You stop being a member if you leave your job or if your employer withdraws from the fund. When you leave, you must give your membership card to your employer who will send it back to the fund. For individuals and government employees, termination may only be allowed at the end of the year with a three months notice of termination. Subject to approval by the scheme.


Group members are allowed to terminate membership only if the employer decides to withdraw all her employees at the end of December and a three months notice will be required. Individuals are not allowed to withdraw voluntarily.
ˆ Group terminations before December will pay contributions for the remaining period of the year or otherwise the benefits proration rule will apply
ˆ For treatment/coverage abroad, members are advised to take a separate cover.